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Please explain the four fundamental forces of nature to me in terms of how they would work as a super power.


Calling out your transphobic dating preferences (or any bigoted dating preferences) is not a violation of you bodily autonomy.

You aren’t obligated to date anyone. You aren’t obligated to have good reasons for why you won’t sleep with someone.

You are obligated to be a decent human being. The problem isn’t your dating choices, it’s the fact that you believe that being transgender is disgusting and inferior. This has nothing to do with your choices and everything to do with your beliefs.

Being transgender is not disgusting. It is just as valid and okay as being cisgender. Transgender people are just as subjectively attractive as cisgender people, and their attractiveness has nothing to do with how well they “pass” as cisgender.

You don’t have to date trans people to show them basic human decency. You don’t have to date trans people to let the know that they are valid.

Ballet vs Circus

Someone should make a site like tumblr except, actually good. Like have a good block function so that the site doesn’t have to be the cesspool of bigots and predators harassing teenagers and marginalized people that it is.

Also hire the xkit guy.

does plzdonotreblog have followers? I would think that no one could be that pathetic, but then again I didn’t think anyone would be pathetic enough to make a blog dedicated to reblogging posts just because they where told “do not reblog this”.

I think we need to take this blog down before reality implodes from the force of how pathetic it is.

I wish I could draw so I could force you all to care about my OCs.

Someone shut down this stupid ass website, all of yall need to go outside.

Or, you know, the person who seems to hate this website (you) could leave?


I know I’m doing a lot of these, but Grandpa Magneto strips are aggressively fun to write. 


I know I’m doing a lot of these, but Grandpa Magneto strips are aggressively fun to write. 


Senator Nasheed has started a petition to Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Murder of Michael Brown the county prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, has demonstrated police sympathies and the people do not trust him to adequately process this case to achieve justice. PLEASE SIGN 

so sick of seeing bad grammar on this website





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