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Zuko should start a satomobile business. Tire lord.

He would need employees. Hire lord.

He’d probably end up getting mad at one of his employees. Ire lord.

In fact he might have to terminate their employment. Wait…

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jsyk, you can ask me to unfollow you and i’ll do it without question. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.




What if the fade being ripped open in da:i has nothing to do with templars and mages but everything to do with those weird side quests in da:o like activating the places of power and watch guard of the reaching and summoning sciences

I mean the warden did a bunch of weird shit in da:o without fully understanding what any of it does

I know! That always pissed me off

Message: “Go here and smear blood in a pentagon why? No reason”

Warden: “good enough for me!”

inquisitor: and how much did you do this for?
warden: one whole sovereign
inquisitor: *quietly fuming*
warden: there was also that one time i dug up the scrolls of banaster for some blood mages i never met
inquisitor: you did what
warden: that was for a whole five sovereigns

Can I buy the hebrew dub of Prince of Egypt anywhere? Or is my only option to download it?



Are there seriously people here seriously thinking that Fenris is trans?


you literally have a blog dedicated to fucking a dinosaur looking alien and this is what grosses you out 

Looks like today is “Cisgender people remind everyone that they’re terrible and gross” day.


the world doesn’t need biphobic lesbians

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My Official DAII trans (head)canons


  • Fenris is a trans man.
  • Merrill is a Dalish gender close to but not quite the same as a demi girl
  • Anders is non-binary
  • Isabela is a trans woman

"I think trans!fenris is filth because Fenris is a cis male rape victim and nobody ever cares about cis male rape victims!!"

Ah yes, because people care so fucking much about trans male rape victims. The definitely care more about trans male rape victims than cis male rape victims (heavy sarcasm). Because drawing attention to a group of people who experience high rates of sexual abuse (trans men) over a group who don’t experience higher than average rates of sexual abuse (cis men) makes you a horrible person apparently. 

Like i’m not going to sit here and pretend we care about any sexual abuse victims at all. But people definitely care less about transgender sexual abuse survivors that cisgender sexual abuse survivors.

Of course you called trans headcanons “filth”, so despite your claims to be otherwise you’re pretty clearly maliciously transphobic. AND as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re using cis male rape victims as tools to erase trans male rape victims. You are serious garbage zathrian.


to anyone who thinks that the trans!fenris headcanon is “flith”:



tumblr user zathrian trying to convince people the trans fenris headcanon is filth