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If you think that people call you out on bigotry because you’re such an amazing person and they’re so insecure that they have to make themselves feel better by bringing you down, you are fucking full of yourself and you need to get out of your own ass.

Anonymous"I don’t have time to talk to someone’s who’s not the least bit concerned with becoming a better person." - Well aren't you pathetically smug for someone who throws around unfounded accusations and calls people assholes, then has the nerve to act like you're the better person for it. I am a good person, I don't need someone like you with your holier-than-though attitude telling me I "need to become better" just because I don't prioritize the issues of people who don't even exist.

Wow, saying that I have life and don’t want to spend it talking to someone who came into my inbox looking to pick a fight and not listen to a single thing I had to say? How smug of me. 

Also, get the fuck over yourself. I didn’t point out that what you said was bigoted cause I’m on a “high horse”. I pointed out that it was racist because it was, and the normal reaction to seeing racism is to be like “Look how shitty this is, can you believe this person?”. The normal reaction to being called out on racism is to just stop for two fucking second and actually think to yourself “Hey, does this person maybe have a point? Maybe I should ask them to clarify what they meant.” because guess what asshole? Everybody says and does racist things. It’s ingrained in our society. I’ve done racist things, you are currently doing racist things, everybody does racist things and that is never going to change unless people just fucking get over themselves and own up to what they’ve done.

This was not about me attacking you to make myself look better. You are not that special. I am not that special. This is about the fact that whether you’ll admit it or not fictional media affects society and needs to be looked at critically because of that. This is about the fact that you are berating people for doing something that is vital to ending bigotry.

So once again, get. the. fuck. over. your. self.

AnonymousActually, your vague response and lack of acknowledgement of what I said makes it pretty evident that YOU are the one who has no real argument and just think that your viewpoint somehow outranks others. My stance on bigotry in fictional settings is simply that I don't believe it's as important as bigotry that occurs in real life, nor do I believe it holds any significance outside of that fictional setting, so calling people who don't find it important or take it seriously "bigots" is idiotic.

Okay well, your stance is objectively wrong.

And wow, you used the “I know you are but what am I” argument. I’ve never seen a bigot do that before.

haven is pt. 2 of the redcliffe quest. when you go to the mountain and the creepy village. the devs actually say you should do the circle, redcliffe, brecilian forest, haven, then denerim or orzammar since they’re supposed to be the hardest

Yeah, I’m just going with the one my character would do. Which probably isn’t a good idea but whatever.

i usually do circle, redcliffe, haven, nature of the beast, paragon of her kind.

I’m going by what my character would do first. Also which one is haven?

which one is it?

the werewolf one. I’m guessing it’s not a good one to start on.

I feel like I’ve been playing this first quest for a really long time.

I’m fighting a dragon, anon. I don’t have time to talk to someone’s who’s not the least bit concerned with becoming a better person.

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Seriously, what is this person’s hang up about their misunderstanding that I was accusing them personally of having racist dating preferences? I didn’t accuse them of having racist dating preferences, but if I had I would not “back pedal” or try to pretend I didn’t say it. I clearly do not give a single shit about hurting the feelings of a racist, so if that’s really what I thought of them why would I deny it?

I’m certain that they’re focusing on this issue because there’s no real evidence that they personally have racist dating preferences (which is why I didn’t say they did) so they’re bringing all the focus to this issue to draw away from the fact that they clearly have messed up view points of how we should examine fictional media. That’s the only possiblility I can think of.

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AnonymousIf calling out blatant liars who try to back-pedal their way out of something they said by using the "I didn't mean it that way" defense makes me an asshole, then I'm an asshole. I don't take things that happen in fictional setting as seriously as I take things that happen in reality, that doesn't suddenly mean I condone everything that happens in that fictional setting in real life. You're not #shaming bigots because I am not a bigot, jump off your high-horse and stop being so self-righteous.

Oh I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to draw focus to what I didn’t say, which was to accuse you of having a racist preference, so you don’t have to focus on the actual problem here, which is that i’m saying if you aren’t pissed off by fictional racism that’s probably a good sign you aren’t pissed off by real life racism.

Gee, I wonder if it’s cause you know that you don’t actually have an argument here. Also, nice to see that even when I spell it out for you why you’re attitude towards bigotry in fiction is messed up you still can’t accept it and try to draw attention away from what you did by making up something I did. And once again, if that original post of mine was accusing you of having racist dating preferences, I wouldn’t be denying it.

Anonymous"I know we’re talking about fictional races here, but I’m betting op feels the same way about real life races which incase you didn’t know, makes them a racist." - Your EXACT words. So what was that you said about not accusing me of having race based preferences? Just because you choose to place fictional racism on the same level as real racism, it doesn't mean everyone else has to. They're nowhere near the same level. Fictional racism between fictional races harms no one, real racism does.

A. Nothing about that quote accuses you personally of having a race based preference. Trust me, if I thought you were that kind of person I wouldn’t feel bad at all about accusing you.

B. I made this post after I got your shitty message. I don’t see why this is such a difficult concept to understand. Probably because you’re an asshole.

What’s this argument of “Fictional stories have nothing to do with reality”?

If someone in a story murdered an elf infant would that be okay? Fuck no! Because even if it’s a fictional universe and elves don’t really exist in our reality, we still know that killing a baby is wrong. Yet all of a sudden when it comes to allegories for racism and allegories for ableism people suddenly don’t see anything wrong because you changed the people of color to elves and you changed the mentally ill people to mages.

Whatever dude.