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i am firmly pro selfie. i am firmly pro millennial. i am firmly pro any topic or issue that gets baby boomers to write pissed off articles in salon or slate or the guardian about how the millennial generation is fucked up and narcissistic and lazy and will never be taken seriously by established powers.


Taking Merrill with you when you have Fenris and Anders on your team


AnonymousAnd just like redheads, being intersex is caused by a mutation. It's not the norm. Of course they shouldn't be treated any worse than anyone else but treating it as if it's something common would be a little pointless. Sex is binary. That's like saying you found one white Lego in a factory that only produces red ones and therefore it's common or normal.

I used redheads as a statistical comparison, not a social comparison.

Last I checked no one was perpetuating the idea that red heads don’t exist, shouldn’t exist, should be forced to die their hair a “normal” color, and deserve to be treated like garbage because of their red hair being a mutation. Funny how when it comes to something neutral like hair color you have no problem excepting mutations as part of the norm and not something that should be erased or changed, but then when it comes to something like biological sex which has lots of oppressive misogynistic transphobic gender roles attached to it all of a sudden you’re threatened by the idea of people thinking that it’s just as normal to be intersex as it is to be dyadic. Gee, I wonder if you’re a dyadic cis man who’s just afraid of losing his privileges.

And if there are millions of people in the world who do not have a binary sex, then the idea that sex is binary is complete bullshit. You are literally denying reality just cause you can’t accept that you aren’t that special or normal.

Go fuck yourself you soulless selfish shit bag.

The number of red heads you’re seen in your life is the same as the number of intersex people you’ve seen in you life, so maybe we should stop pretending that the sex binary is a thing k?

I honestly could never date a cishetallody man and i’m much less attracted to them than I am with queer men. It’s not even a matter of “I don’t trust you to be decent”, even if I made friends with a man like that and he was not a jerk I just wouldn’t be as attracted to him. Even if he was aneurotypical. There’s just something about those men that makes me feel like we would never relate on the level that I would expect out of a romantic parter.

My hair is doing this thing. There’s just this one bit of hair that’s all swooshy. It’s weird.

Wow. I didn’t remember that Bucky shot Fury through a wall without actually seeing him. That’s impressive.

I absolutely love the team work in this movie’s action scenes.

I forgot how attractive Anthony Mackie’s voice is >////<


Cykeem White & Alexander Dominguez


Hm.. I wish I was more popular..

Go follow this person now. Especially if you like awesome gothamites fan art (seriously, their fan art is great).